Financial Literacy

How Should You Manage Your Money

Simple financial instruction lists currently in vogue

Too Many Bills To Pay!

Check out this 4 Stage Process to get it all under control again

12 Signs You Are Good With Money

Get some perspective on your finances

Good Personal Financial Habits

A change of habit is a very good thing

You’re Losing Money by Not Using Financial Tune-ups

Use this checklist to get your personal finances revved-up

What Buddhism Can Teach Us About Money

Anyone who wants to pay the rent has to learn the rules of budgeting. Money is not just necessary, it powers whatever positive activity you want to engage in

How To Manage Your Finances Without An Advisor

Turn your attention to these items. The more you know, the better off you will be:

  • General principles of financial planning (e.g., budgeting & saving)
  • Banking and borrowing
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Taxes
  • Retirement
  • Estate planning

John’s Questions Before You Spend

Take a look at these before your next purchase

These cards can help you manage your money: Prepaid Reloadable Credit Cards

A great alternative to debit cards and regular credit cards that can help you control what you spend

Good Habits to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Practice these to avoid issues with your cards

Top 10 Financial Mistakes Made By Young People

Insightful article on some of the biggest mistakes along with some tips on how to avoid them

50 Ways to Stick to Your Budget

A simple ditty to lighten and enlighten re personal finance

Warning Signs Of Financial Difficulty

Look for these signs of personal financial trouble

Canadian Financial Literacy Database

Provides you with a comprehensive list of resources, events, interactive tools and information offered by financial education providers, including the public, private and non‑for‑profit sectors across Canada

Canadian Financial Literacy Database web banner. Size is 195 pixels x 70 pixels.

CPA Canada Financial Literacy

CPA Canada is working to address the growing social problem of financial literacy in Canada


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