‘Creative Destruction’ Theory Is Apt for the Internet Age

What is Creative Destruction and why should we care?

The Economist on the Migration Crisis

Dig deeper: how many migrants to Europe are refugees?

How The Economic Machine Works

Great primer on main forces in an economy including spending, debt, money, and productivity

  1. Don’t Have Debt Rise Faster Than Income
  2. Don’t Have Income Rise Faster Than Productivity
  3. Do All That You Can to Raise Productivity

Economic Principles

Check out the principles and then the outlook for Canada pages 265-267

Importance of Productivity to Canada

“Canada’s productivity performance will be pivotal in determining what standard of living and quality of life Canadians will enjoy over the next three decades”

Looking Beyond Innovation To Boost Canada’s Productivity

Governments should consider incentives to help firms grow into larger companies, adopt more efficient economies of scale, become trade-ready and invest in intangible capital

Quarterly Economic Indicators

Pocket-sized fact sheet on Canadian quarterly economic indicators

Fiscal Monitor

Update of Financial Results of Canada


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