Federal Budget Fallacies

Why You Should Learn To Love The Deficit

This article gives a different spin on a topic that is in vogue again


What do we mean by the R-Word? Are there recession-proof parts of the economy?

Some people are afraid to use the word recession. That’s OK. Let’s call it a blip caused by consecutive quarters of economic decline. We do not want to create a self-fulfilling prophecy by panicking: this will only make the situation worse. Stock market corrections have happened before. There are even some economic sectors that are blip-proof such as food, health care, education and government. Interest rates remain low for business and consumer borrowing while lower oil prices have both positive and negative effects on different parts of the economy

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Productivity is crucial to an economy

To improve productivity and generate more value for each hour worked, companies need to invest in technology and embrace new ways of working. Improving productivity is about challenging and streamlining processes and practices. It’s about making smart — and sometimes sizeable — investments in new technology, equipment and training

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